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Phase IV: Market Expansion or Turnaround

In the last quadrant, you are ready to expand your business and scale up to the next level or you have reached a point where you need to re-strategize your operations in order to bring your business to an exit event. In either case, special expertise is required to scale up a company in the market or execute a turnaround play. Revolve can help you bring your organization to the finish line in some of the following ways:

Revolve Law Revolve, Inc.
Corporate Restructuring
Mergers & Acquisitions
Business Acquisition or Divestiture
Financial Structuring
Leveraging IP Portfolio & Licensing
Local legal research relative to scaling initiatives
International Law & Negotiation
Initial Public Offerings & SEC
Contract Negotiations
Business Disputes and Litigation
Capital Facilitation
Acquisition and IPO Due Diligence
Intensive Scalability or Turnaround Analysis
FlexpertiseTM Scale Program
FlexpertiseTM Turnaround Program
Executive Implants
Operational Consulting & Execution
IT Plan Execution
Organizational Development
Financial Management
Incentive & Compensation Structures
Exit Strategy & Execution (IPO, Acquisition and Investment Banking)

Contact us to find out how we can help bring your company to a successful exit event.