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At Exemplar Companies and Revolve, Inc., you are more than just an employee. We have a unique recruiting philosophy that values both the combination of skills a candidate brings to the table, as well as their character and value system. Through our rolling recruiting policy, we seek multi-skilled team members who have business degrees or significant business experience, who are visionary, entrepreneurial and passionate.

Revolve creates rewarding career paths, as well as a fun and supportive work environment. Successful candidates are creative team players with excellent communication skills, a keen interest in business development, and most importantly, a positive attitude. Candidates must also be passionate about creating and executing innovative business concepts, as well as thinking outside-the-box to offer strategic business solutions.

Given our unique business model, market position, values and philosophy, we recognize that Revolve is not right for everyone. If you do share our ideals and believe you are a good fit, please submit your resume with a custom written cover letter (generic form letters are re-directed to round file) explaining why, and submit your credentials by following the link below.



Our Diversity Statement

"It's not about how many flavors you can shove in. It's about how many want to stick around."

Diversity at many firms is like an ice-cream parlor: a 31-flavors approach focusing on numbers and window dressing, rather than a genuine interest in people and ideas. At Exemplar, we focus on leveraging every team member’s background and experience, enhancing our firm’s culture and enabling cross-border transactions that would not otherwise be possible in a ‘typical’ firm.