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Revolve is the first of its kind - collaboration of a business law firm, a business advisory firm, and a business capital firm. We designed this unique collaboration to accelerate the growth of companies ranging from those just entering the start up phase to those heading towards an exit event. The three Revolve companies were formed to work together to provide best-in-class services for young high-growth companies nationwide. Revolve's proprietary business model is designed to accelerate an entrepreneur's movement through each of the quadrants in the Revolve life cycle towards an exit event, by delivering powerfully focused expertise and assistance to our customers. The Revolve companies achieve world class results by working together with our customers in the following way:

Fixed-Price Services

Much like our parent company, Exemplar, the Revolve family of companies focuses on delivering value to our customers. We realize that the billable hour prevents customers from having true partnerships with their professionals. As a result of this commitment to developing enduring partnerships with our customers, we practice a "No Hourly Bull" philosophy and offer all of our services at a fixed price.